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Despite being a two-decade veteran in the fitness business, Jillian Michaels never fails to find ways to reinvent herself and her career. (After wrapping up The Biggest Loser two years ago, she's turned the cameras on herself for the E! docuseries Just Jillian.) Throughout what Michaels calls the "tremendous evolution" of the fitness industry, which she's had a large hand in shifting, she's has remained an advocate of using your own bodyweight and picking up some weights (and not the wimpy kind!) for serious results. "Strong, not skinny is now sexy, and long workouts are a thing of the past," she says.

Jillian Michaels Shares the Secret to a Fast Metabolism

She's also clearly no stranger to the cover of Shape, and somehow manages to blow us away every year, whether it's with a nude photo shoot or gravity-defying poses. This year, our July cover girl didn't fail to impress with a gritty, badass shoot and an explosive 20-minute power workout. Pick up the July issue on newsstands Tuesday for the moves, and check out a snippet of our interview below.
Jillian Michaels Shares the Secret to a Fast Metabolism
How she lets out her aggression with "big boy" weights: "Whenever I've had a rough day, I like to pour my frustration into my workouts. Being a strong woman in a man's world can make one want to knock a few people out, and this has always been the healthy outlet for the release of that aggression," Michaels explains. On those occasions, only seriously old-school tools will do for a session that can include slamming sledgehammers, flipping tractor tires, climbing ropes, and doing cleans with gritty kettlebells and gravity-defying moves on gymnastic rings. "After a workout like that, I feel so Zen and focused and ready to take on the world again from a calmer, cooler, more confident place."
Jillian Michaels Shares the Secret to a Fast Metabolism
Why weightlifting won't make you look bigger (Seriously. But you probably already knew that!): "On the contrary, it will help you amp up your metabolism, shed fat, and maintain lean muscle mass and strong bone density," Michaels says.
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