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Summer fashion woes are plentiful. Trying to get dressed for hot, sticky weather without leaving the house nearly naked is one thing. Preventing your favorite summer espadrilles, sandals and slides from stinking up your closet is a whole other beast. That's why we searched high and low and found the perfect solution for less-than-fresh sandals.

The #1 Trick to Killing Summer Shoe Odor

What you need: Two gallon-sized Ziploc bags.
The #1 Trick to Killing Summer Shoe Odor
What you do: Toss each smelly shoe into its own bag, seal them up and place them in the freezer. Leave overnight.
Why it works: Soft, breathable fabrics (like the rope and linen on your favorite wedges) absorb moisture from feet. This creates the perfect damp breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria. By freezing them, you're killing the bacteria and helping dry out moisture. (The same also works for your jeans.)
So? Next time you catch a whiff, shove some popsicles aside and make room for those peep-toes.
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