Body, Bikini Body, Body Confidence, Body Image, Body TypeNew "Naked" Mirror Promises to Help You Get Fitter
There's a high-tech new mirror making waves in the fitness community. Instead of just mirroring your reflection back to you, the Naked 3D Fitness Tracker from (where else?) Naked Labs will also tell you your weight and body fat percentage.

New "Naked" Mirror Promises to Help You Get Fitter

Cool tech, I guess, but who wants to hear this from their mirror? The last thing I need is to hear my reflection tell me, "Oh look! That pizza really did go straight to your hips!" 
New "Naked" Mirror Promises to Help You Get Fitter
Looking in the mirror can be a total crapshoot for many women. On the best days, the mirror can confirm every beautiful thing about yourself. On good days, when you've nailed your outfit and your makeup is Insta-perfect, it's fun to watch your reflection do a little shimmy. But...then there are the bad days. On days when you're feeling fat or sick or old, the mirror amplifies those thoughts and can make a bad day the worst. All of which is to say we take a big risk when we use the mirror as the main measure of our progress to our health goals.
In Naked Labs' ad, a woman (who is already stunning, of course) using the Naked mirror intones, "I'm stronger than I think. I can go further than I thought. The honest, naked truth is that what I look like today is not a moment frozen in time. My body is a reflection of my journey, my choices. That's where Naked helps me see my true self. . .I'm on a journey to become my best self. This is me."
The only problem with that is, well, it's not me. Or her. Or you. Do you remember what you were doing the last time you thought "this is who I really am and this is why I'm here on this planet"? It was probably while you were working on a big project, doing a hobby you love, bringing dinner to a sick friend, or helping a cause you feel passionate about. I'd be willing to bet that you definitely weren't looking in a mirror. 
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