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With temps spiking, it's time to shed our layers and bare some skin in the It top that's back for another season: the crop top. Why do we all love this trend so much? We like to think it's because it's a classy way to show off all that hard work we put our core through.

Moves for Sculpted Abs That Pop In a Crop Top

But hard work aside, it can be a little intimidating to flaunt our middles after a winter wrapped up in slouchy sweaters.
Moves for Sculpted Abs That Pop In a Crop Top
So we tapped personal trainer Christina Powter and professional dancer Corrina Wall—who also happen to be the designers behind the uber trendy athleisure line, CHILLBYWILL, that's been spotted on celebs like Reese Witherspoon, Sofia Vergara, and Ashley Greene—to come up with a 15-minute workout you can do before you're ready to leave your house rocking a crop top.
“In a one-hour workout, 15 minutes of it should be dedicated to core," says Powter. "This would be a great ab routine to do on its own or in combination with another workout."

How it works: Each exercise should be done for one minute before moving on to the next. Repeat the circuit three times.
Total Time: up to 15 minutes

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