Love My Shape, Fitness And Shape, Shape Up Shortcuts, Binge Drinking, Binge Eating BodyLosing and Regaining 100 Pounds—Twice—Taught Me to Love My Body
Binge eating disorder is the most common eating disorder, affecting three to five percent of women in the U.S. Unfortunately, it's the one least talked about. People who suffer from BED periodically eat large quantities of food in one sitting and feel unable to control those binges, and BED can—like other eating disorders—take a terrible toll on the sufferer, both mentally and physically.

Losing and Regaining 100 Pounds—Twice—Taught Me to Love My Body

Amé Karoly, a 26-year-old in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, started battling the disorder in just third grade. Her binge eating started when she put on weight and her classmates bullied her viciously about it, publicly fat-shaming her, which in turn made her eat more as a way of dealing with her shame and embarrassment about her body. "I learned very early that I had to hide my emotions from the bullies," she says, "and one of the ways I learned to do that was to binge eat. It made me feel numb."
Losing and Regaining 100 Pounds—Twice—Taught Me to Love My Body
As Karoly moved into her teen years, she was unable to control her eating—until, at 13, she moved in with her dad and stepmother, who put her on a super strict schedule and monitored every bite she ate, even making her walk three miles a day to earn her allowance. It worked—she lost nearly 75 pounds that year. While the tactics may sound extreme, Karoly says that having a slimmer physique helped her fit in with her peers and, as a result, helped her find her self-confidence and feel good about her body. But it was a superficial solution.
In a pattern that will sound all too familiar to others who've struggled with their weight, the pounds started to creep back on when she left the strict confines of her dad and stepmother's home and started binge eating again as she transitioned into college. "I'd have blackout binges," she explains. "I'd come to and there'd just be wrappers everywhere and I couldn't even remember having eaten all of it, but I knew that I had because it hurt so much." One time, she tallied the calories and was shocked to discover she'd eaten over 5,000 calories in one sitting. She was so ashamed of her problem that she worked hard to hide all the evidence from her friends and family.But she couldn't hide the physical effects, and by the end of her undergraduate years, she'd reached her all-time heaviest at 350 pounds.
"I just wanted everyone to see me as confident, happy and bubbly but underneath I was really ashamed of the binge eating and was seriously depressed," she says.
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