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"My body is not perfect. I have known this since I was a little girl as it was ingrained in my brain to suck in my stomach, tame my crazy hair, or only show the parts of myself that are flattering.

Amazing Women Who Embrace the #LoveMyShape Movement

 Even when I was in the best shape of my life, I never loved or appreciated my body. Today when I see my big arms I remember that my body is STRONG, strong enough to fight with girls in water, and strong enough to skip shot a ball into the goal. When my legs jiggle like jello, I remember that my body is CAPABLE, blessed with the ability of movement, and I am grateful that with my jiggly legs I can swim, jump, and walk.
Amazing Women Who Embrace the #LoveMyShape Movement
When I see stretch marks and scars that tell a story about my life, I remember that my body is BEAUTIFUL because it has struggled. My body endured at times when my mind wanted to quit, it suffered when I couldn't take care of it, and it waited for me even when I could not give it love. I almost missed out on Polo because of fear and self-consciousness. So now I say, forget you to flattering and pretty, my body is so much more than that..
Amazing Women Who Embrace the #LoveMyShape Movement

"I've learned so much on my fitness/health journey, but have realized that confidence can't be built with barbells, measured by the width of your waist, and isn't defined by thigh gaps or 6-packs. This body has been curvy, squishy, sore, skinny, and muscular... But it has always been MINE. I was born with this body and it hasn't stopped for the past 22 years, despite the pizza, mud runs, ladder throws, and hurdles I've made it endure. I love myself and the body I came in. I'm far from perfect, but I'm strong and happy... And that has made all the difference." 
Amazing Women Who Embrace the #LoveMyShape Movement

"Feeling so empowered by @shape_magazine's #LoveMyShape campaign. It took me years to become comfortable in my own skin and I'm finally no longer ashamed of my body. I absolutely adore this campaign! Proud to show off this pear shape." @alesandrabev.
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