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I love, love, love the feeling of being sore after a workout. (It's one of the 14 Stages of Being Sore After a Workout!) Lucky me, since I’m pretty much guaranteed to be a little achy post-squat session bicep curls. 

Ab Exercises Guaranteed to Make You Feel the Burn

But for whatever reason, my abs get sore less often than the rest of me—so when my core is killing me, I know for a fact that I just had a really amazing workout (and I secretly think I’m that much closer to an impressive six-pack). Since it happens pretty rarely, though, I started to think there was something off about my ab day game. So I asked trainers for the exercises they use when they want to wake up the next day knowing they worked their core. These expert-backed moves are guaranteed to make your midsection burn now and later. 
Ab Exercises Guaranteed to Make You Feel the Burn

Lay on the floor, raise right arm in the air, and bend right leg.
Sit up, using left arm for support. 
Drive heel into the floor and extend hip off the floor into a bridge position.
Bring left leg under right leg, moving into a lunge position.
Drive back knee up off the floor, and bring leg next to the other. Repeat these steps in the reverse order to the starting position.
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