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There are a million myths out there about how to make cardio work for you, but the most effective burn always comes from combining the best of both worlds. This workout from Grokker will have you pushing through strength and cardio moves to maximize your routine in a short amount of time (and you don't even need any equipment to get started!)

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Cardio is all about being quick and nimble—this routine is no exception, from fast feet to squat hops and burpees. All-star trainer Jaime McFaden merges old-school moves with some killer new ones for a perfectly-optimized, kick-butt workout that you can do anywhere. This workout presented by Grokker will raise your heart rate, boost your metabolism, and help you tone all the right places. Tentative about the moves, or want to take it up a notch? Watch for modifications for both beginner and advanced levels. The workout is adaptable and ready to go when you are; even on those days you don't feel like getting a sweat session in.
This 20-Minute Cardio Blast Makes the Treadmill Obsolete
Workout Details: Each move lasts 30 seconds.
Arm circles
Hamstring curls
Greek shuffle
Toe taps
Jumping jack touchdowns
Push ups with leg lift
Squat hops
Punch combo
Mountain climbers
Fast feet
Good mornings
Standing knee crunches
Repeat circuit.
Bonus move:
Wheel push ups
Hug it out
Tricep stretch
Forward and back kicks
Quad stretch
Deep breaths
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