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Skim milk has always seemed like the obvious choice, right? It has the same vitamins and nutrients as whole milk, but without all the fat. 

Skim Milk Officially Sucks for More Reasons Than One

While that may have been commonplace thinking for a while, recently more and more studies suggest that full-fat milk is a better alternative to the fat-free stuff. In fact, some research suggests people who consume full-fat dairy weigh less and are at lower risk for developing diabetes, 
Skim Milk Officially Sucks for More Reasons Than One
Tuft University researchers looked at the blood of 3,333 adults during a 15-year period. Turns out, people who consumed more full-fat dairy products, such as whole milk (marked by higher levels of particular biomarkers in their blood) had a 46 percent lower risk of getting diabetes during the study period than those with lower levels of those biomarkers. While the mechanism of how fat reduces the risk of diabetes is still unclear, the correlation is an important one, and at its simplest, may suggest that full-fat dairy is more filling, so you'll eat less throughout the course of the day, consuming fewer calories overall. (Want more healthy, fatty foods? 
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