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Whether you’re looking to run faster, increase your endurance, or just start running, learn how to be a better runner in 30 days with our #RunIntoShape challenge.We all know how to run (you can thank your fight-or-flight hormones for that). But the great part about running for exercise—is that you can always get better at it, whether you're naturally skilled at pounding the pavement or someone who runs, well, only when someone's chasing you. 

Run Into Shape: Running Challenge

Looking to run faster? Want to increase your endurance? Just want to get out there and start running? We teamed up with Jess Underhill, a running coach and the owner of Race Pace Wellness, to develop a 30-day #RunIntoShape challenge that will help you become a better runner in just one month. Seriously.
Run Into Shape: Running Challenge
We've got quick warm-up moves you'll actually do, cooldown stretches that will make you feel amazing, and an easy-to-follow weekly calendar, including your running workouts, cross-training session, and rest days (because those are important too!).
Whatever your running goal, follow along for the tips and tricks you need to keep moving forward. In 30 days, you'll be able to outrun anything—especially any self-doubt.
Run Into Shape: Running Challenge
Check it out: Underhill devised this easy-to-follow, weekly schedule to help you become a faster, stronger runner. The good news? That doesn't mean you need to hit the pavement every day! This mix of running, strength training, and—of course—recovery will keep your body primed to move all month long.

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