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It's not news that people love judging, discussing, and dissecting women's bodies. It is news when a woman finds a way to be body positive. Stories about women learning to love their form are endlessly inspiring—unless you're of the mindset thatfamous figures are promoting obesity (she's too positive! She's too negative!)

I'm Not Body Positive or Negative—I'm Just Me

But what if you don't fit either category? I myself am body...neutral.
My body isn't something I obsess over in a bad or good way. I didn't even register that other people cared, until they started commenting on their own body (via scenes like that one in Mean Girls, where female friends lament different body parts) or mine (via seventh-grade boys who called me 'looseleaf' for my paper-flat chest). When, at age 17, a friend wished aloud that she could eat whatever she wanted, I looked up from our lunch of chicken fingers—didn't she already do that? We were just kids.
I'm Not Body Positive or Negative—I'm Just Me
Of course, I'm insanely grateful that I wasn't taught to loathe my body from a young age, and that I don't now. I've seen enough friends and coworkers hide from carbs, or the scale, or the sight of themselves in the mirror; I've listened to their confessions about crash dieting or starving themselves or taking illegal pills or vomiting to keep the weight off.
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