Begginer Running runningHow I Learned to Love Running Without Music
A couple years ago, a team of researchers from the University of Virginia and Harvard University decided to study how well people are able to entertain themselves—sans distractions like phones, magazines, or music. They thought it'd be pretty easy, given our big, active brains full of interesting memories and bits of information we've picked up along the way.

How I Learned to Love Running Without Music

But actually, the researchers discovered that people hate being left alone with their own thoughts. In one study they included in their analysis, about a third just couldn't do it and cheated by playing on their phones or listening to music during the study period. In another, a quarter of the female participants and two-thirds of the male participants chose to literally shock themselves with electricity in order to distract themselves from whatever was going on in their heads.
How I Learned to Love Running Without Music
If that sounds crazy to you, picture this: You're about to go for a run. You pop in your ear buds and pull out your phone only to realize that—dear god, no—it's out of battery. Now ask yourself, if giving yourself an electric shock would somehow cause iTunes to fire back up, would you do it? Not so crazy now, right?
In my view, there seem to be two types of runners: The ones who happily hit the roads in silence, and the ones who would rather chew off their left arm than sacrifice their headphones. And honestly, I've always counted myself as a member of camp number two. In fact, I viewed the silent sort of runners as kind of weird. They always seemed so evangelical about it. "Just try it!" they'd urge. "It's so peaceful!" Yeah, well maybe I don't want peaceful on mile 11 of a long run. Maybe I want Eminem. 
But underlying my judgment was jealousy. Running in silence does seem peaceful, even meditative. I always felt like I was missing out, just grinding out the miles without tapping into the real zen that comes only when you turned off all distractions—purerunning. So one fateful morning, when I'd somehow forgotten to charge my phone, I headed out without the dulcet tones of Marshall Mathers in my ears. And it was...okay.
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