Butt Exercise Butt Workout, Yoga Yoga Classes Yoga Poses Get a Sculpted Butt with This Vinyasa Yoga Flow
What better way to become best friends with those form-fitting yoga pants than to practice in them for a perfectly toned butt and thighs? Vinyasa is the perfect flow for building strength and flexibility, all while leveling stress and releasing endorphins to put you in a better state through and through. 

Get a Sculpted Butt with This Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Take a multi-faceted approach to tackling glute-training via this routine by Grokker. You can also work your shoulders and abs while you're at it (Vinyasa has some excellent ab training poses that willtorch your core). Yoga has huge benefits for the upper body as well as calves and thigh.
Get a Sculpted Butt with This Vinyasa Yoga Flow
Julie Montagu's 21-Day Yoga Body Slim-Down Challenge will tone and sculpt your glutes to give you that wonderful butt you're aiming for, plus all the benefits of yoga practice as a whole. This Grokker Premium Video will take you through a vinyasa routine perfect to wind down and sweat out stress from a long day, from warrior III to tree pose and back again.
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