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Feel like your fittest-body-ever mission has hit a road block? It might be time for a detox—and we don't mean one with green juices. Part of our spring cleaning detox series is, of course, about detoxing your #gymlife.

Do You Need a Workout Detox?

We've dished about detoxing your digital life, themountain of stuff hiding in your apartment, and all the relationships in your social sphere. But it's time to re-evaluate your fitness game. Let's face it: Your New Year's resolution excitement has definitely disappeared by now, the warm weather might have you feeling antsy in the gym, or your body might just be burnt out with the type of training you're doing.
Do You Need a Workout Detox?
Ask yourself these five questions to decide if your current workout routine needs to be nixed, needs an adjustment, or if you just need to add a little something new to the rotation. After all, summer is coming—so it's time to turn up the heat at your next sweat sesh.
If you're training like a beast, you might encounter some aches and pains. But there's a difference between muscles that are working hard to recover, and muscles that are working too hard. there are signs that mean it's more than just sore muscles and could be an injury: if you can point to pain in a super specific spot, if only one side of your body is sore (ex: one knee is killing you but the other is fine), if you're going on five to seven days of "can-barely-walk" pain, and if any increased activity makes the pain worse. If any of these sound familiar.
Do You Need a Workout Detox?
Delayed onset muscle soreness (AKA DOMS) is common after resistance training, but
If you once looked forward to your daily sweat sesh but are starting to dread it, the best thing can be just to add something new. Try these tips for breaking out of a workout rut. But before you totally flip your routine, keep these guidelines from Cardiello in mind for making the transition: Don't be afraid to ask for help when you're doing something new, and remember that even if you're great at one workout, you might need to start from step one with a different program. And don't challenge yourself so much that you're putting yourself at risk for injury. 
Do You Need a Workout Detox?

Do You Need a Workout Detox?
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