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I've lived a hardly-sweaty, never-smelly life thanks to my drugstore antiperspirant. So when I heard of natural deodorants, I wondered what's so bad about my usual?

Do Natural Deodorants *Actually* Work During Sweaty Workouts?

"While evidence of aluminum's (the active ingredient in antiperspirants) harm is mostly hearsay, it's certain that aluminum does block pores and some derivatives can stain clothes," says Michael Swann, M.D. and dermatologist at Swann Dermatology. You've probably heard talk about the aluminum in antiperspirants causing cancer and Alzheimer's. While researchers have found high amounts of aluminum in the brains of those who have suffered from Alzheimer's, causality hasn't been proven. But most drugstore antiperspirants only block pores by 20 to 30 percent, and unless they contain aluminum chloride, they're unlikely to stain clothes.
Health, health Habits, health Snacking, Health Technology, Health Tips, Healthy Baking,
I decided to give natural deo a go. To test their efficacy, I put a handful of natural deodorants through a week's worth of sweaty workouts: a grueling boxing workout at Overthrow, a pulse-fest at Flybarre, and a heated spin session at SoulCycle. I usually sweat a ton in cycling and boxing, so I didn't notice a significant difference in using natural deodorant. While wearing the natural deodorant during barre, however, I did notice that I had more sweat under my arms than usual. I applied immediately before each class and didn't smell bad afterwards. But after I took a shower, reapplied, and went on with my day, I had a different experience.
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