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Philosophy and Under Armour remind you that breathing is the easiest way to release stress and stay focused to meet your goals—whatever they may be.It seems intuitive right? But the message behind the new partnership between Philosophy and Under Armour reminds you of one simple daily act:#dontforgettobreathe.

Why You Should Stop and Take a Breath

And it's a movement I'm fully behind. I already know that focused breathing can stop my mind from racing, decrease stress, and increase energy. And turns out, that it might even help my skin; oxygen is vital to the body's cells, including skin cells, and lower stress means lower inflammation, which means a calmer, clearer complexion. Win!
Why You Should Stop and Take a Breath
I've lost count how many times I've heard a yoga instructor talk about the energy I can get from simply focusing on my breath. And as much as I think about breathing during my workouts, I don't really give it much thought otherwise.
That's exactly the message I took away after watching a sneak-peek video of new Philosophy/Under Armour #dontforgettobreathe campaign. It features soccer star and Olympic gold medalist Kelley O'Hara and YouTube vlogger Nicki Phillippi as they tackle tough workouts and a move through a hectic day. Then, just as the exhaustion and pressure set in, they stop and breathe.This made me think: When are a few times throughout my day when I can do the same? First, taking a mindful breath whenever I'm overwhelmed and stressed or when I need some inner strength to conquer a task or challenge. But then I also found another, sort of surprising, way to incorporate the practice. I recently talked to a dermatologist who said that when I wash my face, I should let the cleanser sit on my skin for thirty seconds to really do its job. Remembering that advice, I now keep my eyes closed and breathe deeply while I wait. Yay for clear skin and a clear head. 
What's more, Philosophy recently launched an oil-free, lightweight moisturizer (Take a Deep Breath Oxygenating Gel Cream) that delivers oxygen to the skin—even more breathing bang for your buck! Take a look at the exclusive #dontforgettobreathevideo, and get ready to feel inspired.
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