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City by city, the Material Girl is taking the fitness world by storm! On Tuesday night, Madonna opened her eighth global Hard Candy Fitness location in Toronto. In the interview below, we caught up with Madonna's primary trainer and Hard Candy Fitness instructor, Nicole Winhoffer. 

Up Close with Madonna's Trainer Nicole Winhoffer

She is living her (and every dancer's) dream life, but that doesn't mean the celebrity trainer and artist plans on slowing down any time soon. "My work is never done," she says. "I can always improve and be better at what I do. Just when I think I've figured out a solution or created a piece of work that I'm extremely proud of, the next day I'm working on a new project or figuring out a solution for something in my workout programming. Time moves very fast. I'm on my toes, ready and savoring every moment I have."
Up Close with Madonna's Trainer Nicole Winhoffer
It's that kind of unrelenting determination that helped Winhoffer land roles in three Broadway shows, perform with recording artists like Shakira, and represent companies such as Maybelline, Mattel, and Walmart through dance. Read on to get the inside scoop on how she stays fit and fabulous—and how you can too!

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