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You set your alarm for 5 a.m. every day so you can be running by 5:30. You enjoy the quiet darkness during your first few steps, and take a moment to appreciate (and Instagram) the always-impressive mid-run sunrise. By 6:30, you're ready to start your day, and you ride that runner's high all the way to an inevitable 3 p.m. crash (because, remember, you woke up so early).

Things Every Runner Experiences When Coming Back From Injury

You're a runner. It's what you do, it's how you sweat, and it's who you are.
But maybe one day you accidentally trip over the curb while Snapchatting-and-walking, or you get into a pattern of training so hard for an upcoming race that you're suddenly running too much. And then—BRB, putting entire life on hold—you find yourself injured.  It's tough to deal with the physical ramifications of a running-related injury, but it's equally difficult handling the emotional aspect of being benched. You're bound to encounter these six emotions as you deal with your injury and comeback. (And, promise, they're all totally normal.)
Things Every Runner Experiences When Coming Back From Injury
No one plans to get injured. So when you find yourself sidelined, it's understandably irritating. Whether you were training for a race or just adding extra cardio to your fitness lineup, getting injured as a runner pulls the rug out from under you, says Beth Risdon, a runner, triathlete, and blogger at Shut Up and Run. "Suddenly you're unable to do something that makes you feel so accomplished, that helps you cope with life, and that makes you feel strong. It's natural to feel angry, frustrated, sad, or even a little pathetic," she says.
Things Every Runner Experiences When Coming Back From Injury
It's tempting to treat the anger with Cheez-Its and quality time with The Real Housewives, but self-pity won't make the road to recovery any easier. "Get up and find something—anything—that makes you feel athletic," says Risdon. "Water running and swimming aren't my favorite activities and they pale in comparison to how much I love running, but they got me out of the house and got my heart rate up when I was coming back from a stress fracture. I felt like myself again."
Things Every Runner Experiences When Coming Back From Injury
That thing you did that led to your injury, whether it was a klutzy fall or over-training? Now's the time to curse yourself for letting it happen in the first place, says Megha Doshi, local marketing director of Strava. "You can't help but play the if-only-I-hadn't-done-that game," she says. "And regardless of whether you're scolding yourself for deciding to go downhill mountain biking with no experience or because you ran through the achiness in your foot that turned into Plantar Fasciitis, there's almost always a feeling of wishing you could press rewind and have another chance to make the right decision."
The best way to move forward is to remind yourself that we all make mistakes—even professional runners—and that you will bounce back. "Taking time off isn't going to change who you are or make you a lesser person," Doshi says. "It's just another challenge to get through that will ultimately make you stronger physically and emotionally, as both a runner and a human."
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