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On Tuesday, I did an interval workout with a few of my favorite running friends. It was tough but great. I was bounding around Central Park, feeling light as a feather and speedy as a cheetah. (OK, maybe more like a kind of clumsy puppy finding its legs, but, still, it worked for me.)

The Moment I Knew I Was a Runner

Three days later, I ran again with those same friends. And I just couldn't keep up. They were jogging, chatting, and having an effortless good time, and I was sucking wind 20 paces back.
The Moment I Knew I Was a Runner
Running is funny that way. Some days we can seemingly run for hours, expelling minimal effort and feeling weightless. Then, just a day or two later, it can feel like our legs are filled with lead and we just can't. Move. Forward.
But between the great runs and the bummer ones, there are endless lessons to be learned that can affect us as runners—and humans. From epic race fails to key moments in training, here are nine takeaways that changed the game for professional runners, weekend warriors, and everyone in between. 
The Moment I Knew I Was a Runner
Setting your sights on a big goal is equal parts exciting and terrifying. And for Type-A runners, failing to reach that goal can be utterly devastating. After taking eight years off from running marathons, Jess Underhill, owner of the coaching service Race Pace Wellness, decided she wanted to revisit her old pastime and qualify for the Boston Marathon. "My first attempt to qualify was a complete disaster," she says. "Everything that could have gone wrong the week before the race went wrong. But despite all of that, I was naive enough to think I could still hit my goal." Underhill barely finished the race, almost dropping out at mile 15, and crossed the finish line devastated.
The Moment I Knew I Was a Runner
"It took me a few months to get over it," she admits. "But I regrouped and started over." Underhill adjusted her training plan, switched up her diet, and tweaked her mentality. "Training my brain was something that was missing from my previous training plans," she says. "I became just as dedicated to the process of changing my thoughts as I did to my workouts. When the opportunity to qualify for Boston came up again, I hit my goal. I knew how to tackle whatever the day threw at me, and nothing was going to stop me. That day forever changed how I approach training and racing. It was proof that I can accomplish anything in life or on the pavement if I have the right mindset."
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