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Your neuromuscular system is the first thing to react when you've tried, say, a kettlebell swing a few times. Even if it feels foreign at first, your body quickly gets the hang of it. But do the same swing too often—or, even worse, the same workout too often—and that mind-body connection that helped you out initially will go into cruise control. Now you're asking your muscles to do less or to put in less effort for the same amount of work—and it can. Soon you've either found yourself at best bored or in a full-blown gains rut. Complex moves are the answer to both of those issues, and can shed light on just how in sync your body is with your brain.

The Complex-Moves Circuit You Should Add to Your Workout Routine—and Why

Complex moves are, well, complex—and for good reason. They ask your neuromuscular system to work overtime by adjusting, and readjusting very quickly to new movement patterns. A standard bicep curl (though effective) is a single-plane movement. The curl happens in the sagittal plane and stays there. After a few reps, your body gets the hang of the pattern and becomes more efficient at the movement.
  The Complex-Moves Circuit You Should Add to Your Workout Routine—and Why
Good if you're trying to remember how to ride a bike. Not so great when you're looking to progress your overall fitness.
Julia Falamas, program director and coach at Epic Hybrid Training, incorporates complex movement into many of the gym's classes, saying it's all about getting the most bang for your workout buck. "You can get a lot more accomplished in less time," she says. And if you're not seeing a lot of progress anymore, "complex moves will give you twice the volume of effort."
Complex moves can also increase your overall caloric burn, says Falamas, as they get more large muscle groups working at the same time. "Your overall metabolism will increase," she says "You'll burn more calories during the workout, and there will be a carry-over effect as you continue to burn more calories after training." 
You challenge your strength by increasing the weight for your squat press. You challenge your endurance by upping the incline or adding on a few extra miles to your run. Challenging your neuromuscular system is essential to your fitness longevity. "You're not a robot, and if you only do three types of exercise, your body will become really efficient at those exercises and pretty terrible at everything else," says Falamas. "Complex moves are fast, efficient, and effective ways to be a healthy and more mobile human."
How it works: Move through the following sequence by completing the appropriate reps for each move. Repeat the entire circuit four times through with one minute of rest between rounds.
Total Time: up to 30 minutes
You will need: Free weights, Box
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