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Tennistar Maria Sharapova S Fails Drug Test

"I take full responsibility for it," she said at a press conference earlier today. "I made a huge mistake. I let my fans down. I let my sport down." 
Tennis Star Maria Sharapova Fails Drug Test
The news came after Sharapova said she'd been notified by the International Tennis Federation for testing positive for Mildronate, also sometimes referred to as Melodium, at this year's Australian Open in January. Sharapova's sample was taken the day she lost in the quarterfinals to Serena Williams. The tennis star hasn't played since, reportedly due to a forearm injury.
Mildronate is newly banned for 2016—and Sharapova, who said the drug had been prescribed by a doctor for a magnesium deficiency and that there is a family history of diabetes, never saw the email which contained the list, according to reports.
While it's cleared for use and produced in Latvia, Melodium, which is an anti-ischemic drug to treat heart infections, is not approved by the FDA. What's more, studies have found that it also may improve learning and memory, two brain functions that are key when it comes to playing tennis. At least six other athletes have tested positive for the drug this year.
Sharapova's attorney, John Haggerty, said at the press conference that "a positive drug test could result in a ban of up to four years" from the International Tennis Federation.

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