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After skyrocketing from relative anonymity to "Star Wars"-level fame, Daisy Ridley has quickly become a household name. But beyond her acting chops and killer red carpet style we now have another reason to love the 23-year-old British actress: She just epically shut down a body shamer by criticizing the notion that 'real women' come in any special shape or size. (Because apparently in 2016, that still needs to be done.)

Star Wars Actress Daisy Ridley Will Not Stand for Skinny Shaming

It all started with a meme that featured a picture of Ridley's "Force Awakens" character Rey next to a speech bubble that reads: "I can't believe the unrealistic expectations I'm setting for young girls. Who cast me anyway? Don't they know real women have curves?" (Clearly, this shaming goes both ways. Remember when Gigi Hadid was body shamed for being too curvy?)
Star Wars Actress Daisy Ridley Will Not Stand for Skinny Shaming
Ridley came back with this glorious response: "'Real women' are all shapes and sizes, all ethnicities, all levels of brave, have families, don't have families," she wrote. "I am a 'real woman' like every other woman in this world." While her post is now deleted (Ridley realized the username of the person who posted the meme was visible), she followed up with an open letter on her Instagram, and like the classy lady she is, asked fans not to attack the user who wrote the original post.
In the letter, Ridley calls out how inspiring her character—a strong woman capable of doing things without the help of a man—has been to her fans, and even compares herself to her character saying, "I'm a normal girl thrust into extraordinary circumstances, just like Rey." ologise for how I look, what I say and how I live my life 'cause what's happening inside is much more important anyway and I am striving to be the best version of myself, even if I stumble along the way," she writes.
"It seems apt I get tagged in this a day after I received misogynistic comments on my #IWD post [International Women's Day]. For all of you who celebrate each other, celebrate the ones you love, love yourselves, work hard, are kind, thank you for your continued support," she goes on to say.
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