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Old farts in slow carts? Yeah, golfing has its stereotypes. But in 2014, more than 300,000 women took up the sport, and the National Golf Foundation says those figures continue to rise. Dang. Here are four reasons to hit the links this spring:

Reasons Why Every Girl Should Try Golfing

It's a Solid Workout
Not only does every swing work your arms, shoulders, and entire core, but you'll also walk an average of five miles during an 18-hole game (which lasts about four hours). Bye, cart!
Reasons Why Every Girl Should Try Golfing

It Trains Your Mind
Per research, golf demands motor and cognitive skills (to prep the swing, use eye-body coordination, and time-control your movement), which can boost your brain's ability to adapt to new info.
It Shuts Down Stress
Hitting a bucket of balls at the driving range can feel just as satisfying asgoing to town on a punching bag—or happy hour martini. The latter two can leave you hurtin' the next day, but yelling "fore!" won't.
It Has a Major Career Perk
Undeniable truth: Business deals and networking still go down on the green. Bust through the "boys' club" barrier and reply yes to a meeting on the fairway. It could help you earn that raise.
Source: Sarah Marai, global product manager for Adidas Golf, Women

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