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Don't let the word "punch" fool you. Jabs, crosses, and hooks are not just good for the arms— they combine to make a total body workout to rock your core 'til you're dripping with sweat and your abs are on fire. The twisting motions, keeping the power in the core and staying light on your feet makes this routine a full-body task. Squats are involved (because there's nothing better to get your heart rate up) plus, you're moving the entire time (cardio ... check!).

Punch It Out with This Cardio Core Workout

This fun and fierce cardio core workout will jump start your metabolism with nonstop movement. Grokker expert Sarah Kusch teaches how to best engage your core as you work through basic boxing movements for a complete fat blasting routine. There are some great workout tips in here to make any workout more productive.
Punch It Out with This Cardio Core Workout

Workout Details

Equipment Required: None
Dynamic warm-up: 2 minutes)
Workout (see below): 18 minutes
Cooldown: 6 minutes
*Front Jab
*Pull Down with Knee Drive
*Jumping Jack with Punch
*Sumo Squat with Hook
*Squat with Front Kick
*Basic Punch
*Punch with Leg Cross
*Squat Punch
*High-Knee Pull with Side Crunch
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