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Grab the tissues because watching Gigi Hadid's speech about her mother Yolanda Foster's battle with Lyme disease will make you feel all the feels. During the Global Lyme Alliance gala back in October, the model introduced her mom, who is famous in part from her role on Bravo's The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The episode featuring the event has finally aired, and you get to see Hadid's speech. Spoiler alert: It's a tearjerker. 

Gigi Hadid Honors Her Mom's Battle with Lyme Disease

"Tonight, we are honoring the person that, more than anyone I know, is hope for Lyme disease awareness, my mom," says Hadid. "For your fight, for your passion, and for making your journey one that will help so many, I'm so proud to honor you with this award." (Want more Hadid? 
Gigi Hadid Honors Her Mom's Battle with Lyme Disease
The show also reveals that Gigi's two younger siblings, Bella and Anwar, also suffer from Lyme disease. Lyme disease is a parasitic infection and is most commonly transmitted via tick bites. Although treatable, it can cause lifelong issues, like those faced by Foster and chronicled on the show.
Early symptoms are typically rather similar to the flu and can include joint pain or stiffness or a rash. But in some cases, Lyme disease also impacts the central nervous system, impairing mental function. Yikes.
Before heading out for a hike or spending a lazy summer day wandering through the grass, make sure to take preventative measures (like wearing socks and long pants to protect your ankles), and always check your skin for ticks after spending time outdoors.
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