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Everyone may be talking about Kim Kardashian's nude selfies, but it's Khloé who recently got our attention with this: a) She named her camel toe "Kamille with a K" and b) Kamille the kamel is now much smaller thanks to her recent weight loss. 

Can Weight Loss Really Shrink Your Camel Toe?

"Now that I've lost weight, I swear my puss has lost weight too, which I did not know was an option but thank god," she said in an interview with Nylon. "So [my camel toe] doesn't care to be seen much these days."
Can Weight Loss Really Shrink Your Camel Toe?
Camel toe is a legit problem for lots of women, and nowhere is it more, ahem, prominent than in tight spandex gym pants. There are ways to hide a showy camel, like these undies (called "camelflage"!), pants, and even this crazy contraption, but there didn't seem to much you could physically do about it. That is, until Khloé informed us about this heretofore unmentioned benefit of weight loss! (Want more weight loss motivation?
So is vulvular shrinkage really a thing? And can it happen from weight loss? It is and it can, says Sherry Ross, M.D., an OB/GYN and women's health expert.
First, an anatomy lesson. The part of your lady bits that protrudes out in the front is actually called the mons pubis, and the part between your legs (that makes the actual toe, if you will) are your outer labia. Short of surgery, there isn't much you can do to change the size or shape of your labia. But the mons pubis is, it turns out, mostly made up of fat. And as Ross explains, any place you have fat, you can lose fat. Although, she says you may not want to lose too much there, since your mons serves as padding and protection during sex. \
When they say that looking better in your pants is a benefit of losing weight, this wasn't exactly what we were thinking but, hey, we'll take it! Get it, Khloé!
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