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Foods you didn't know were loaded with fiber, plus surprising ways to maximize your intake.You know fiber is good for you and that you should get more of it, but do you know why? For starters, studies have shown that a diet high in fiber can boost heart health, reduce the risk of cancer, ease GI issues, and improve the appearance of your skin . More recently, an analysis by food journaling site MyFitnessPal.com found that the users who successfully lost weight ate 29 percent more fiber than those who didn't.

6 Fresh Ways to Sneak More Fiber Into Your Diet

It's easy enough to stir a heap of psyllium powder (i.e. Metamucil) into a glass of water and chug it in the morning, but it isn't exactly delicious. (Psyllium is a key component in many laxatives, but can also be taken regularly as a digestive aid.) Instead, try these fresh, expert-backed ideas to up your fiber intake in a tastier way.  One thing to keep in mind, though: Increase the amount of fiber you're eating slowly. If you go from a low-fiber diet to a high-fiber diet too quickly, you'll probably experience bloating and stomach pain.
6 Fresh Ways to Sneak More Fiber Into Your Diet
You probably knew beans are rich in fiber, but did you know just how much? One cup has 14 to 19 grams of fiber, which is 56 to 76 percent of the daily value, says Alexandra Miller, R.D.N., a corporate dietitian at Medifast. Take advantage of their fiber content by eating beans at every meal: For breakfast, mash up pinto beans and spread them on a tortilla with eggs and salsa, suggests Miller. You can also add them to salads and eat them in dishes with (or instead of) rice.
You can even add beans to smoothies. "Try mixing one-fourth cup of black beans into your next green smoothie for an additional three to four grams of fiber," says registered dietitian Rosanne Rust. The beans will add a creamy, rich texture. 
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