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Let's face it: Hangovers suck. But as I later learned on Wall Street, there are those nights when you know you are going into a full pour, whether you really want to or not. Client dinners, group holiday parties, celebratory cocktails, the list goes on and on. Yes, of course you can decline when offered, but we all know that saying no to a drink can occasionally come with a price tag in business, fair or not. And, besides, a few drinks can make the unbearable work affair bearable.

Yoga for Hangovers

And then there is your social life. A night out with friends, talking and laughing over cocktails is fun. But sometimes you forget to pace yourself, and that's a sure ticket to Hangover-land. Life is life, and we should live it to the fullest, even if it means getting slightly overpoured from time to time.
Yoga for Hangovers
But as I developed my personal yoga practice and continued my studies, I soon learned that yoga can actually help hangovers, as it is one of the few physical activities that penetrates the deeper layers of the body—namely, the organs. The key to yoga as a hangover helper is to practice specific poses that target and heal the places that alcohol has attached. (Furthermore, not all ancient yoga traditions ban alcohol, so there is no need to involve guilt of any kind.)
Yoga for Hangovers
The vast majority of my students have come to me with a hangover at least once. I have treated hundreds of them with my Retox methods. Now, even if a student tries to hide their hangover, I see it. The glossy eyes, the disheveled hair, the faint scent of vodka sweating out their pores, the backward stretchy pants... I keep the student after class, not for a talking to, but for some simple tips that will offer relief.
Yoga for Hangovers
I have put together a combination of poses to eradicate toxins, oxygenate the bloodstream, and wring out the liver, the organ responsible for processing all the booze.

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