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Chelsea Handler's latest Instagram shows her crushing some weight in the gym with barbell hip thrusts. And although we can't tell exactly how much she's lifting, the hilariously outspoken comedian (along with trainer Ben Bruno) must know a thing or two about sculpting a strong backside. This move is one of the best butt exercises of all time. Get it, girl.

Steal This Butt Exercise from Chelsea Handler

Wanna steal the move for stronger, lifted glutes? You can go heavy for lower reps like Handler did (and look like a total badass),
Steal This Butt Exercise from Chelsea Handler
or go lighter for higher reps, aiming for anywhere between 3-4 sets of 6-20 reps, according to Bret Contreras, MA, CSCS, and author ofAdvanced Techniques in Glutei Maximi Strengthening. (But if you lift heavy, you'll get all these extra benefits too. Be prepared to work no matter what weight you choose, as Contreras warns that you'll definitely feel the booty burn with this move. (Which totally explains Chelsea's face at the end of her set.)
How to do it: Sit on the ground with your back against a bench, feet planted firmly in front of you, and a padded barbell in your lap. Keeping the lumbar spine and knees stable, raise the barbell by extending your hips, making sure to push the hips upward using the glutes. Rise until your body forms a straight line from your shoulders to your knees (full hip extension), and then slowly descend back to the ground.
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