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Ah, spring. Tulips blooming, birds chirping…even the inevitable rainshowers seem idyllic when there are piles of snow on the ground.
Just thinking about April and May can make signing up for a half or full marathon sound like a great idea. Until you realize that training for a race then means running in cold weather now.

Cold Weather Running Tips from Elite Marathoners

But don't change your mind yet. “Having something on the calendar helps to just get you out the door in the winter when you're not as motivated,” says Sara Hall, an Asics marathoner, who is running her first LA Marathon this March.
Cold Weather Running Tips from Elite Marathoners
What’s more: “I find that it prepares me well for the race itself, since most marathons start in the early morning, when it’s chillier." Training through the winter isn't ideal—but don’t opt out of registering just yet! We talked to Hall and other running pros for their top tips for training in the cold. (Here's some motivation: 
Cold Weather Running Tips from Elite Marathoners

You’ve heard it before: Layering is key. But for a tough, long marathon training run, you don’t want bulky layers, says Hall. “The biggest thing I’ll make sure I have is something over my head and ears, like the Asics Felicity Fleece Headwarmer ($18;," she says. Since marathon training runs can be grueling, Hall sometimes prefers short sleeves, even when it's pretty cold. On those days (and on race day), she’ll wear Asics Arm Warmers ($10; “It’s a great removable layer,” she says.
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