Cooking Cooking Tips 10 Struggles Everyone Has When They’re Learning to Cook
1. The whole freezing/thawing process for meat might be the most mystifying thing ever.

10 Struggles Everyone Has When They’re Learning to Cook

What do you mean it could grow bacteria? Why is this so complicated?
10 Struggles Everyone Has When They’re Learning to Cook
2. And judging whether something has spoiled is terrifying.
I'm going to poison myself. Google search history: how to tell in yogurt is bad, how to tell if mushrooms are bad, etc.
3. Your mom gets tired of you calling and asking for help, and starts telling you to just Google everything.
First you were sad I grew up, and now you don't want to help me be an adult? FINE.
4. You are bound to burn yourself at least 1000 times.
And cut yourself by mistake.
5. Cutting up new types of fruits and vegetables seems like the most complicated thing ever.
What shape am I supposed to do? Can I eat that part? How the hell do you get to the inside of a pomegranate? Screw it. I'm buying the pre-packaged ones from Trader Joe's.
6. Once you figure out how to make a certain dish, it becomes your go-to.
Like, literally every night for dinner. Stir-fry forever.
7. You try to look up recipes, but immediately get overwhelmed by how many new ingredients you'll need to buy.
Grocery bill: one billion dollars.
8. You also need a million more pieces of equipment.
Ugh. But do I really need a food processor?
9. But that means you get super creative with what you do have.
Wait, blenders are food processors! I'm a genius.
10. Some days you just give up and eat cheese and crackers and wine.
It's still classy though.
But in the end, cooking is always worth it. Everything tastes so much better when you make it yourself. Or something like that.
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