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Google analyzed everyone's workout searches and the results are stranger than you might think!Who doesn't love a good sweat sesh? But how we get our fitness on varies greatly depending on where we live. 

The Weirdest Workout Trend In Each State

New data from Google highlights what weirdo workout trend people in each state searched for the most in 2015, and some of these trends will definitely surprise you.
The Weirdest Workout Trend In Each State

Americans love our celebrities... but our workout models may not be who you think. Utah, for instance, idolizes Kate Hudson's tight abs (well, who doesn't, really?). Wisconsin is Jillian Michael's biggest fan club, with her brand of tough love playing well with tough midwesterners. But Washington D.C. stunned us all by searching the most for Paul Ryan.  Don't ever say Americans don't pay attention to politics!
Americans love to target body parts... but only strangely specific ones. Hot body staples like tight abs, a sculpted butt and strong legs definitely made the list (South Carolina, Maryland and Montana, respectively) but we also searched for some less stereotypical bits. Californians, for example, want to be king of calves while people in Nevada want to work on their hamstrings. Folks in Louisiana are looking for optimal obliques while New Yorkers dream of a ripped chest—but only the lower half. But Rhode Island? All they want is a strong grip, courtesy of some killer forearms.
Americans love to be different... in the best ways. Oregonians stayed true to their weirdo rep and searched most for "dead bug exercise." Because Portland. And Floridians proved why they're the home of so many hip-hop videos by searching for "exotic dancer exercises." Because Miami. We love you Oregon and Florida; never change!
Hopefully, Google's results help you find some inspiration for new workout ideas in 2016, but at the very least we hope knowing your state's workout trend helps explain the weird noises coming from your neighbor's apartment!
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