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Not exactly—but standing for a few hours every day burns the same amount of calories as running this many marathons per year.
Make the switch to a standing desk and your body will definitely thank you. While being on your feet for much of the day may take some getting used to, the numbers in favor of standing for at least four hours while at work are pretty convincing.

Could Your Standing Desk Replace Your Run?

On average, you burn 2.6 calories per minute while sitting at your desk; but when you stand for that same time your calorie burn jumps to 3.3 calories per minute. Seems like a pretty insignificant number, we know. But over the course of an eight-hour work day, those teeny tiny figures can add up. 
Could Your Standing Desk Replace Your Run?
Could Your Standing Desk Replace Your Run?
So what does 130 calories account for, other than your grande Skinny Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks? VARIDESK crunched the numbers to put the stat into perspective—and their results have certainly convinced us to get off our rear ends.

For instance, if you stand at your desk for four hours per day Monday through Friday, you'll burn about 650 calories, the same number of calories you'd torch while running a 10K! Similarly, if you do that same thing every week for the 50 weeks of a standard work year (thank you, PTO!) you'll burn up to 32,500 calories. That's equal to the number of calories scorched during 11 marathons! Convinced it's time to buy one for yourself? 
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