Three quick tips for alleviating that all-too-familiar pain (because who wants to wait for food to cool down?!).
You know the feeling all too well. You are jazzed for that piping-hot bowl of pumpkin soup. You take a whiff, feel the steam, dip a spoon in and...obliterate any semblance of the roof of a mouth you once owned.

Burned Your Mouth? Here’s What to Do

Here, three tips for recovering quick.
Burned Your Mouth? Here’s What to Do
Burned Your Mouth? Here’s What to Do
Step 1: Suck on an ice cube. This will numb any immediate pain.
Step 2: Swig a glass of milk. This will coat any sensitive tissue and protect it from further damage.
Step 3: Stick to soft breads and cool temperatures for a few days. You've done enough here.

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