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Hey folks, Welcome to here and let me formally introduce myself to you. I’m Ghulam Haider (Blogger), the Pakistani Professional Blogger, Enterprenuer, Wikipedian and Electrical Engineer. Ghulam Haider (Blogger) is also the owner of Pak Blogz , Shouted Blog , Fitness And Shape , Classic Fashion , Flash Games and Clip And Videos as well as passionate about technology and internet marketing.
Ghulam Haider (Blogger) Enterprenuer Wikipedian
Ghulam Haider (Blogger) Enterprenuer Wikipedian 
Basically Ghulam Haider (Blogger) is an Electrical Engineer by education and a Blogger and Electrical Engineer by Profession. I finished my schooling  in 2005 and later finished Engineering in BS Electrical (Computer) Engineering  from COMSATS University. The story of becoming a professional blogger of Ghulam Haider (Blogger) is starts from his university life.
I’m an ordinary man who lives life to the fullest, loves travelling and lives a happy-go-lucky kind of life. I like to talk stuff related to marketing, entrepreneurship, wikipedian and art of living. If you share the similar qualities, feel free to join me.
Ghulam Haider Blogger

Ghulam Haidder

Ghulam Haider is a Pakistani Professional Blogger, Online Entrepreneur, Internet Celebrity, YouTuber and Social Media Activist.

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